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2020 ISSRM Virtual Conference

2020 ISSRM – Virtual Conference, Hosted by IASNR

July 11-26, 2020

Each year we gather at our annual ISSRM to share research, reconnect with colleagues, and make new connections. Because we cannot meet in person this year, we are hosting a virtual conference. We value what each of you contribute to society and natural resources research and practice and we want to provide the opportunity to share those contributions.

We are planning a series of workshops, paper sessions, a poster session, a student forum, and a mentorship activity. All sessions, workshops, and paper presentations will be pre-recorded and available for viewing at any time during the conference dates. Set times will be scheduled for live question and answer sessions. Discussions will continue on message forums throughout the conference. Please see “Submission Information” below for more information or contact [email protected].

Presentation Information & Conference Attendance

We have accepted over 200 abstract submissions and over 20 organized sessions, workshops, and panels!

Presenting at the conference is not a requirement. If you would like to attend the conference as a non-presenter, please contact Jessica Hill ([email protected]) if you have any questions. 

If you need to make changes to your abstract or organized session proposal, or have any questions about the conference in general, please email Jessica Hill ([email protected]).

Conference Registration

The IASNR Council understands that we are facing unprecedented times, with many members confronting funding issues. Therefore, the Council has voted to have IASNR fund the conference entirely for all current IASNR members. If you would like to participate in this virtual conference, just be sure to renew your membership by June 15, 2020.

Click here to purchase/renew your membership and here to see a list of membership prices an options.

We realize that many universities and organizations cannot cover membership fees/dues. If this is the case for you, please email [email protected] for a conference registration invoice.

Conference Program

The conference program is now live! Click here to view a condensed version of the program. The full program is available through Whova. If you are a current IASNR member, you should receive an email notification from Whova with instructions on how to login to Whova. If you are a current member and have not received the Whova email, please contact [email protected].

Once logged in you can begin watching pre-recorded presentations, network with other attendees, and begin planning which live Q&A sessions you would like to attend. The conference program is available to all current 2020 IASNR members. 

Student Affairs Committee

Student Forum – July 13 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM CDT

Please join the Student Affairs Committee for Student Forum, an annual gathering of student members at the IASNR Conference. This year, we are excited to offer a two-hour live synchronous Student Forum at the beginning of this year’s virtual conference. During this event, we will build relationships with student members of the organization through learning about the Student Affairs Committee, discussing and brainstorming new and upcoming opportunities for student involvement in IASNR, and developing our science communication skills through an elevator-pitch workshop. We will also talk about other ongoing student-focused activities occurring during the virtual conference such as an Ask-Me-Anything event with SNR Editors and engaging with mentorship. We look forward to welcoming new faces and reconnecting with existing student members – we hope you’ll join us for this event!

Interested in attending? Please contact Brett Miller, the Student Representative, at [email protected] or Susie Sidder, the Student Representative-Elect, at [email protected] to register and receive the pre-Forum information packet.


Diversity Statement

Our aim is to facilitate a safe and inclusive ISSRM that welcomes all voices and encourages the free exchange of ideas and opinions.  We invite participation from people of all races and ethnicities, genders, religions, political affiliations, nationalities, language groups, ages, experience, and abilities.

As organizers, we are working to provide a balanced and diverse program. You can help us build a better, more inclusive ISSRM by forwarding our Call for Abstracts throughout your network, and by sending along your suggestions for presenters and participants that might help to diversify ISSRM.

Conference Development &

Technical Team

Conference Planning


Jessica Hill

IASNR Office

Paulus Mau

IASNR Office

Jennifer Dunn

The University of Tennessee

Jesse M. Engebretson

California State University, Chico

Milton Newberry

Bucknell University

Our Mission

The International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) strives to be the premier international association of social scientists, policy makers, and practitioners studying and managing human relationships with the environment and natural resources. It is our mission to foster better scientific understandings of society-natural resource relationships; assist in the professional development of social scientists, policy makers, practitioners, and students from around the world studying these issues; and provide opportunities for them to meet and share their work with each other.

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