2022 IASNR Conference

2022 IASNR Conference

San José, Costa Rica

June 26 - July 1, 2022

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The IASNR Conference (formerly known as ISSRM)

The annual meeting of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) is the IASNR Conference (formerly known as the ISSRM). The IASNR conference emphasizes local to global resource management issues, environmental justice, collaborative stakeholder processes, and the social impacts of natural resource management. It is also a venue for presenting cutting-edge research and engaging in productive discussions focused on the sustainable management of natural and cultural resources.

Our Mission

The International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) strives to be the premier international association of social scientists, policy makers, and practitioners studying and managing human relationships with the environment and natural resources. It is our mission to foster better scientific understandings of society-natural resource relationships; assist in the professional development of social scientists, policy makers, practitioners, and students from around the world studying these issues; and provide opportunities for them to meet and share their work with each other.

2022 IASNR Conference Organizers

David Matarrita-Cascante

Texas A&M University

Jesse Abrams

University of Georgia

Gerardo Cortés

University of Costa Rica

Local Planning Support

Enrique Montenegro Hidalgo

University of Costa Rica

Luis Ricardo Solís Rivera

University of Costa Rica

Luis Vinicio

University of Costa Rica

Conference Sponsors

We want to hear from you!

Please click below to fill out a survey regarding the 2022 IASNR conference. Your participation in this survey will help us in our planning efforts.

Conference Theme – Sustainable Development in Practice:

Integrating People, Place, and Policy

Sustainable natural resource management and development are challenging goals given the requirements associated with bridging the needs and wants of humans with the diverse and complex ecosystems in which they live. Turning sustainable natural resource management and development ideals into reality requires appropriate policy tools, community participation, and the integration of multiple forms of knowledge rooted in specific places. This framing gives rise to our proposed conference theme, “Sustainable Development in Practice: Integrating People, Place, and Policy.” We intend to provide a venue wherein participants can share the latest research in natural resource social science and learn from the example offered by Costa Rica, a country well known for its innovative social and environmental programs and policies. The conference seeks to encourage a better understanding of sustainable resource management and development by focusing on the integration of policy, people, and places, particularly centered around the challenges that confront and the successful conditions that secure sustainable natural resource management and development in the twenty-first century. 

The 2022 conference takes advantage of the rich experience that Costa Rica offers through keynote talks, field trips, and organized sessions. During the conference, keynote talks will be offered by a top government official and a well-established and known practitioner. Their talks will focus on the challenges of sustainable natural resource management and development. The field trips will be designed to be highly educational, exploring both cases of successful sustainable resource management and development projects that did not go as planned. The organized sessions will serve as important sources of knowledge of the work that those pursuing sustainable resource management and development are doing. As the world faces great challenges in the form of unrestrained growth, climate change, and concurrent socio-ecological transitions, we envision the 2022 conference as a venue to increase our collective understanding of the role that academics, practitioners, and policy makers can play in bringing social science insights to bear on questions of sustainable natural resource management and development.

Commitment to Diversity & Ethics

The International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) is committed to fostering a welcoming and vibrant community with members of all races and ethnicities, genders, religions, political affiliations, nationalities, language groups, ages, experience, education levels, and abilities. IASNR has a Code of Ethics in place to ensure mutual respect and trust for all members. The organization condemns racism, and stands with the members of our community advocating for equality and justice. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Conference Diversity Statement

Our aim is to facilitate a safe and inclusive IASNR Conference that welcomes all voices and encourages the free exchange of ideas and opinions.  We invite participation from people of all races and ethnicities, genders, religions, political affiliations, nationalities, language groups, ages, experience, and abilities. Additionally, all conference attendees must agree and adhere to our Code of Ethics in order to attend the conference.

As organizers, we are working to provide a balanced and diverse program. You can help us build a better, more inclusive IASNR Conference by forwarding our Call for Abstracts throughout your network, and by sending along your suggestions for presenters and participants that might help to diversify the IASNR Conference.

Location: San José, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is well-known for its commitment to environmental goals. While only owning 0.03% of the world’s land, the country contains about 5% of the biodiversity of the world.
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Venue: University of Costa Rica, San José
Founded in 1843, the University of Costa Rica (UCR) is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious university in Costa Rica.
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Travel & Lodging
The Holiday Inn San José-Aurola is the conference hotel. Located in the heart of downtown, the hotel is within walking distance of museums, shopping, and restaurants.
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Tentative Conference Field Trips
Several pre-conference and post-conference field trips are planned that will showcase the natural beauty of Costa Rica and the country's rich cultural heritage.
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Submission, Registration, & Schedule Information

Organized Session Proposals

A call for organized session proposals will be sent in the first week of September and will be due October 30, 2021.

Organized Sessions represent an opportunity to bring together a group of scholars to present and discuss work focusing on a particular integrative theme or topic. These sessions can be structured in multiple ways:

    • A collection of 3-5 thematically-linked oral presentations (with or without a discussant).
    • A panel of experts on a given topic.
    • A roundtable discussion.
    • An author-meets-critics session.
    • A workshop/training activity.
    • Or, you can propose your own idea!
Panels and paper sessions will last 90 minutes. Organizer(s) should recruit and receive commitments from participants in advance of proposal submission, and include details regarding who will participate and what they will be doing as part of the session proposal. Organized sessions will be highlighted and given priority in the program.

Abstract Submissions

A call for abstract submissions will be sent out in the first week of November and will be due February 15, 2022. To facilitate early registration and travel planning, we will make every effort to send decision notifications regarding acceptance of abstracts to authors by March 15, 2022.

We encourage submissions that are relevant to the symposium theme and those that focus on the interactions between social and ecological systems. However, all abstracts relevant to natural resources are welcome. Individuals will be limited to serving as lead presenter on only one oral paper presentation. This does not include co-authorship and individuals may present both an oral paper presentation and organize a session, present a poster, or serve on a panel. 

Guidelines for Abstracts: 

Abstracts should be in paragraph form, without bullet points. Additionally, the abstract body should include details regarding the background, purpose, methods, results, and conclusions. Please also indicate the theory/analytical framework for the work and provide a description of the research methods used. Abstracts must not be longer than 2,000 characters including spaces. Abstract titles must not be longer than 250 characters including spaces.

**PLEASE NOTE** Individuals are limited to serving as lead author on only one oral paper presentation; this does not include co-authorship. Individuals may serve as lead author on an oral paper presentation while also organizing a session, presenting a poster, or serving on a panel.


Conference participants and attendees must register to attend the IASNR Conference. The deadline for early bird registration is April 15, 2022. This is also the deadline for all presenters (oral, poster, organizers, and panel) to register. Sessions, papers, and posters will be dropped from the symposium program after April 15 if the presenter is not registered. IASNR membership is required for conference participation. Registration prices will be available soon.

Information on student scholarships will be available soon. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about registration, student scholarships,  or the conference in general.

Conference Outline

Click here to view the conference outline of keynotes, sessions, and events.

Student Interest

Student Paper Competition – Prizes will be awarded to the best undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD level papers that are presented at the ISSRM.

Student Forum – Offers professional development and networking for graduate students. More details coming soon.

Welcome Mixer – Informal networking opportunity with food and beer. All free! More details coming soon.

Student Quiz Bowl – Fun, competitive team event where students test their IASNR and environmental social science knowledge in front of a boisterous audience. Bar and snacks provided. More details and submission deadlines coming soon.

IASNR Mentoring Program – More details coming soon.

Student Scholarships – These awards will be given on a competitive basis and are meant to assist students in offsetting costs associated with attending the 2022 IASNR Conference.

Click here for more information