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2022 Virtual IASNR Conference Information for Session Presenters

Virtual Conference Information for Presenters & Participants

The 2022 Virtual IASNR Conference will be hosted on the Whova app. If you have any questions about the app, please refer to the demo videos below or contact [email protected].

Conference presenters have the option to present either live or with a pre-recorded presentation. Although the pre-recorded presentations can be viewed asynchronously, the recorded version will be played during the session (similar to live presentations). This allow conference participants to engage in the session without having to watch the pre-recorded presentations before the live Q&A. Following the presentations there will be a scheduled moderated live question and answer (Q&A) session where all presenters in that session can interact with other participants and discuss questions in a panel format. We will make an effort to record each session (with live Q&A) for asynchronous viewing. The Whova App will also facilitate asynchronous discussion boards for each session to allow participants and presenters to continue their interaction throughout the conference.

All presenters will need access to reliable high speed internet to participate in all the sessions, including Q&A for prerecorded talks. A headset is recommended to minimize the chances of an audio echo during the session.

Presentation Instructions

1. Live Presentations:

Presenters will be  presenting through Zoom with screen share Presentations should be 10-13 minutes in length. The conference is instituting a strict 13-minute time limit for video presentations. Each session will have a session moderator who will enforce the presentation time limit. This time limit ensures adequate time for each presenter to answer questions after their presentation. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

2. Pre-Recorded Presentations:

Presenters will be sharing a video presentation using PowerPoint. Recorded presentations should be 10-13 minutes in length. The conference is instituting a strict 13-minute time limit for video presentations. Videos exceeding 13 minutes will be sent back to the presenter. This time limit ensures adequate time for each presenter to answer questions after their presentation.

Video presentation links can be submitted to the IASNR Office at [email protected].

For video links, YouTube is recommended. We have included a how-to-guide below. However, you may use a platform of your choice. Please be sure the link is not private, otherwise, the link will not work. Your video will need to be uploaded by September 19th.

How-to guide for pre-recorded presentations (For Reference Only): Making a Narrated PowerPoint  Presentation on a PC and saving it to YouTube.

Presenters can also record PowerPoint Presentations include using Zoom. Simply create a free Zoom account and start a session. Next, share your screen and click record. The video file can be uploaded straight to Whova or saved as a link on YouTube (or similar platform). Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

3. Poster Presentations:

Poster presenters will be sharing their research over PowerPoint. Your “Poster” will need to be broken down into a PowerPoint slide deck, as most participants will not have a monitor large enough to accommodate the traditional poster format. Please email [email protected] a PDF version of your poster presentation by September 19th. Poster presenters will engage with conference participants through asynchronous discussion boards through the conference Whova app.

Whova Guides for Presenters & Participants

Whova Attendee User Guide – Link includes information on…

  • How to sign in to Whova, participate in a session.
  • View the agenda
  • Create a personalized schedule.
  • Access presentation videos.
  • Participate in session Q&As.
  • Access conference attendee list.
  • Join discussions on the community board.
  • Start or join a virtual meetup

Whova Speaker Guide – Link includes information on…

  • Presenting in a Session.
  • Responding to Q&A.
  • Checking who is attending your session.
  • Uploading Session Info (Handouts, Videos, and Others).
  • Pre-Conference preparation checklist and things to test.