The University of California seeks a Stakeholder Engagement Specialist (Specialist Series) to help develop a bi-directorial stakeholder engagement and communication process for co-producing and advancing ecosystem climate solutions. This position is part of a newly created Innovation Center for Ecosystem Climate Solutions and will work collaboratively with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute. The Center is based at UC Irvine and includes faculty and academics from UC Merced, UC Davis, UC ANR, UC Berkeley, Stanford and San Diego State. The Center’s mission is to develop geospatial tools to assess, understand and manage ecosystems for climate resilience, fire hazard, carbon sequestration, water supply and wildlife habitat. The engagement specialist will help develop a stakeholder network, organize and facilitate stakeholder workshops, assist with scheduling and conducting interviews, transcribing, sharing project results and reporting, and develop an online presence to communicate findings. The specialist will lead efforts to synthesize existing information into whitepapers that describe policy issues surrounding healthy forests and extension publications focusing on management practices ( e.g. thinning, grazing, prescribed fire) that promote stable carbon stocks, healthy forests, water sustainability and reduced wildfire risk. The specialist will serve as a second point of contact for the project’s undergraduate intern program. These students will be working in labs and participating in science communication activities. The specialist will provide oversight and work to promote a degree of cohesiveness to the program through regular communication with the students. This is a full-time position located at UC Merced with the possibility of regular travel (~2-3 trips per month). Click here for more information.