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Committee Updates – Late 2021 Keeping in Touch

IASNR Committee Updates

Want to get invovled with IASNR? Join a committee! To do so, contact the IASNR Office at [email protected].

Chloe headshot

Chloe Wardropper, Council Member

University of Idaho (2019 – 2021)

Updates from the IASNR Elections Committee

Your IASNR Executive Officers and Council represent you with regard to the association. Can you help us out by nominating an individual (including yourself!) who you think would represent you well? The IASNR Council Elections Committee is currently soliciting nominations for the following IASNR leadership positions:

  • IASNR Council Professional member (3 seats).
  • IASNR Council Student Representative-Elect.


Please submit your nomination(s) by Friday, January 14th.

Updates from the Conference Support Committee

The Conference Planning Committee has been working hard on scheduling and logistics for the upcoming 2022 IASNR Conference in San José, Costa Rica. Key areas of focus include field trip logistics, finalizing meeting room needs and contracts, working with our official conference hotel, and planning for meals and coffee breaks. The committee has also prepared travel tips for conference attendees, and is closely monitoring the public health situation to plan a safe event for everyone involved. The call for organized session proposals closed on November 5, 2021 and the committee is reviewing the proposals received to date. We will consider a limited number of late organized session submissions. Please email [email protected] for more information. Abstract submission remains open until February 4, 2022. The committee has also been reviewing proposals for conferences in 2024 and 2025 and hopes to announce locations for those conferences in early 2022.


Jesse AbramsCouncil Member

University Georgia, USA (2021-2023)


Gladman (Glad) Thondhlana, Council Member

Rhodes University, South Africa (2020 – 2022)

Updates from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Following the 2021 IASNR Conference Roundtable discussion the DEI committee held meetings focused on suggestions for improving DEI in IASNR. Some topics focus on IASNR policy and procedures, such as: the need to translate English diversity and inclusion statements (or other documents) in other languages; re-designing the association logo to be more representative of IASNR members. Some efforts are focused to improve opportunities for DEI at IASNR events. This includes: reducing the membership and registration fees at IASNR conferences for individuals from the Global South or indigenous peoples; reducing barriers in the proposal process to host the IASNR Conference, and to solicit bids from countries outside of North America, Europe, and Australia; improving networking and inclusion during conferences; supporting opportunities for conference attendees to present in their native languages or organize sessions in other languages, and ensuring that keynote speakers at the IASNR conference are of diverse backgrounds and fields. Working with the Membership Committee, the DEI committee is developing a set of awards focused on improving diversity and recognizing the outstanding efforts of IASNR members. We are connecting with the SNR Journal to consider a special issue for critical essays to address diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to explore ways to include more non-traditional research papers that may lead to a broader base of readers, authors, and reviewers.

Updates from the Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee has 3 focus projects on the go.

  1. Webinar series: 2 recordings highlighting research from the 2021 IASNR Conference have recently been released and are available for viewing on the members only area on the IASNR website. The final webinar in this series will be available in the coming weeks. You should receive email updates when webinars are available, if you have missed them, email the IASNR Office to update your email preferences.
  2. Mentor program: lots of work going into redeveloping the program for launch at the 2022 meeting in Costa Rica. Stay tuned!
  3. Membership directory: we have resurrected the IASNR membership directory to create a platform for professional networking and mentor relationships between IASNR members.

We need your help us with these activities!!

  • Check your listing in the membership directory. Click here to access the directory and log in to the membership site. Don’t have a profile in the directory? Add one by clicking here.
  • Help us prepare a ‘Networking 101’ and ‘Getting the most out of Mentoring’ webinars ahead of the conference.

Do you know anyone with valuable experience or good research on these topics? Shoot me an email with your ideas: [email protected]

Dr Tanya Howard, research fellow with UNE's Centre for Agriculture and Law.

Tanya Howard, Council Member

University of New England, Australia (2020 – 2022)

Student Affairs Committee Co-Chairs

Update from the Student Affairs Committee

Kindra De’Arman, Student Representative

University of Oregon, USA (2020-2022)


Dana Johnson, Student Representative-Elect

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA (2021 – 2023)

All of the 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference student events (Student Forum, Quiz Bowl, and Happy Hour) had a great turn out and international student involvement. Thank you for everyone who attended and participated! The Student Affairs Committee currently has 12 student members (including chair/co-chair), and almost all IASNR Committees have student representation. Want to get involved with SAC? Click here to join the SAC Slack Channel! We have ongoing discussions and opportunities to provide feedback on decisions that directly affect students within IASNR as well as information about our upcoming SAC meetings. We have also been busy planning student events for the 2022 IASNR Conference in Costa Rica. A Student Forum, Quiz Bowl, and Mentorship Activity is currently in the works.

Additionally, the SAC’s funding proposal for an International Student Travel Award was approved by the IASNR Council! This competitive award will support two IASNR student members up to $1,000 each to travel to attend the IASNR Conference. Keep an eye out for a solicitation notification in January 2022! We updated the SACs Procedural Statement on the IASNR website to provide more clarity and transparency in how the SAC is organized, and the scope of tasks and activities. Lastly, look out for a student survey this December, soliciting student interest and ideas for IASNR student-focused events.


Carla Koons Trentelman, Council Member

Weber State University, USA (2020 – 2022)

Updates from the Ethics  Committee

The Ethics committee has been working on two fronts, both of them directly related to the IASNR Code of Ethics (see here).

First, an essential function of the Code of Ethics is to communicate the expectations for “respectful and ethical conduct” by IASNR members, reflecting “personal and professional dignity” (IASNR Code of Ethics 2021), as well as spelling out the response the IASNR Ethics Committee takes when a report of breached ethics is filed. One of our concerns is whether or not the membership is fully aware of the Code and its specific contents, including the process for filing ethics-based complaints and how those are resolved. To increase the visibility of the Code of Ethics and the procedure for filing complaints, we are revising the IASNR website to make the Code of Ethics more accessible from the main page. We are also developing a separate page that gives an overview of the Code and information about how to report complaints.

The second front is working on the evolution of the Code of Ethics. While it is important for the Code to contain ethical standards that the membership is expected to honor, as well as the mechanism for dealing with ethics problems when they arise, we are also focused on developing more proactive, foundational ethical principles, that serve as an aspirational basis for ethical interactions and professionalism. Some of you may have joined members of the Ethics Committee last June for the Ethics Roundtable we held as part of the 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference. The focus of that roundtable discussion was to think together about ways in which the IASNR Code of Ethics might evolve. We received some very useful input during that meeting, and are continuing to work along these lines. We will be holding more discussions like this with the membership – we seek input from all IASNR members to make the Code responsive to the needs and principles of our membership. We look forward to hearing from members at the 2022 conference in Costa Rica!

In the meantime, if you have thoughts or concerns you would like to raise, whether related to the Code or about an ethics violation, please contact Carla Trentelman, Ethics Committee Chair, at [email protected].

Updates from the Membership Committee

The Membership Committee of IASNR has a great set of members from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia who are dedicated to advancing internationalization, recruitment, and retention for the association. A few activities have taken up most of our time in the last quarter. We analyzed the membership survey disseminated earlier in the year to develop insights about our members and what they want, and to generate ideas about how to better serve them, as well as expand the network. We ran the New Member’s Meeting during the 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference and met some great people, who described that what brings them to IASNR is that the association doesn’t require them to “fit in a box.” We are developing a suite of new Awards with which the association can recognize its members, and we hope to send a proposal to Council soon. We also connect with other Committees to advance shared goals such as the emerging hub model, the membership directory, and DEI efforts.


Kate Sherren, Council Member

Dalhousie University, Canada (2021-2023)

Updates from the Publications Committee

The Publications Committee meets monthly and has been working on issues related to the SNR Press. This summer, the committee prepared a draft SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) for the press and shared it with the Editorial Board. We have arranged a joint meeting of the Publications Committee and the Editorial Board in February 2022 to discuss a set of crucial questions on the press. Some considerations include the added value the press should bring to the Association, topical areas which may comprise its competitive advantage and niche, and basic developments in the frame of a strategic planning for the press, like a business model and a marketing strategy. In collaboration with the board of the press, we have submitted a proposal for an organized session at the 2022 IASNR Conference in Costa Rica to discuss the above issues and the future of the SNR Press. Moreover, we have been supporting two regional chapters of IASNR, the European Chapter which has been established recently, and the African Chapter of IASNR, for which a call for members has been circulated. In the short- to mid-term, we aim to support the establishment of a Central/South American Chapter, for which the 2022 IASNR Conference in Costa Rica will be a perfect opportunity. We would welcome the participation of IASNR Members in all these events and initiatives, and we are looking forward to receiving your comments and remarks.


Tasos Hovardas, Council Member

University of Cyprus, Cyprus (2021-2023)