Conference Information for Poster Presenters

Virtual Conference Information for Poster Presenters

Poster presenters will be sharing their research over PowerPoint, uploaded to Slideshare. Your “Poster” will need to be broken down into a Power Point slide deck, as most participants will not have a monitor large enough to accommodate the traditional poster format. Poster presenters will engage with conference participants through asynchronous discussion boards through the conference Whova app. If poster presenters would like to engage with participants live, you can request for “office hours” (subject to availability) through [email protected] to create a live session during the conference period.

Requirements for All Presenters: PowerPoint 2016 or better, Slideshare account, and active 2020 IASNR membership.

How-to guide (For Reference Only): Logging into Slideshare to upload your slides, and then share your link for the conference

Summary of your process

By June 15th, 2020

  1. Ensure that you have purchased or renewed your 2020 IASNR membership, so that you can participate in the conference.
  2. Create PowerPoint Presentation Slides (PowerPoint 2016 or better)
  3. Upload Power Point file to Slideshare
  4. Copy link to the slides
  5. Login to IASNR Website, click on “Edit” abstract, and paste the video link
  6. Submit the abstract with the Slideshare link

Between June 15th, 2020 and July 11th, 2020

  1. IASNR’s Academic Committee will review the posters for quality and clarity. If there are issues, they’ll provide you with feedback to improve the presentation.
  2. The link to the Slideshare will be made available publicly to all current members to view on the Whova app a few days before the conference.
  3. All IASNR members will be granted access to Whova to upload their profile and introduce themselves. Discussion boards will be starting up and preliminary discussions can start to happen. Members can start networking with each other.

During the Conference: July 11th to July 26th, 2020

  1. All members will be granted access to the conference, taking place using Whova.
  2. Participants and presenters are welcome to join the Live Q&A, workshops, and discussion boards
  3. All message boards, separated by session topic, will be open for further engagement for the entire conference. We encourage all presenters to check the message boards once a day during the conference at a time of their convenience.
  4. Presenters can put a request through to [email protected] to organize live “office hours”, if deemed appropriate, to have live conversations with participants, subject to availability.