This Special Section was guest-edited by a team of seven co-editors with Kenneth Wallen from the University of Idaho and Alia Dietsch from The Ohio State University as co-leads. The articles included in this Special Section are listed below:

  • Dietsch, A. M., Wallen, K. E., Clayton, S., Kretser, H. E., Kyle, G. T., Ma, Z., & Vercammen, A. (2020). New directions in conservation psychology at a critical time. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1335-1338.
  • ​Kyle, G. T., Landon, A. C., J. J. Vaske, & Wallen, K. E. (2020). Tools for assessing the psychometric adequacy of latent variables in conservation research. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1353-1363.
  • Biedenweg, K., Trimbach, D., Delie, J., & Schwarz, B. (2020). Using cognitive mapping to understand conservation planning. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1364-1372.
  • Colléony, A., Levontin, L., & Shwartz, A. (2020). Promoting meaningful and positive nature interactions for visitors to green spaces. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1373-1382.
  • Lischka, S. A., Teel, T. L., Johnson, H. E., Larson, C., Breck, S., & Crooks, K. (2020). Psychological drivers of risk‐reducing behaviors to limit human–wildlife conflict. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1383-1392.
  • Nielsen, M. R., & Jacobsen, J. B. (2020). Effect of decision rules in choice experiments on hunting and bushmeat trade. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1393-1403.
  • Winkler-Schor, S., van Riper, C. J., Landon, A., & Keller, R. (2020). Determining the role of eudaimonic values in conservation behavior. Conservation Biology, 34(6), 1404-1415.


Guest editors included:

Kenneth E. Wallen, University of Idaho

Alia M. Dietsch, The Ohio State University

Susan Clayton, College of Wooster

Gerard T. Kyle, Texas A&M University

Zhao Ma, Purdue University

Heidi Kretser, Wildlife Conservation Society

Ans Vercammen, Imperial College London


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