Consider joining the dedicated people of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. It’s our mission to manage and conserve Colorado’s natural resources for the benefit of people today – and tomorrow. That means we have to balance development with conservation so the state we all love provides similar opportunities for our children and their children.

This position ensures that the most complete qualitative social information (in the form of public input) is available to inform decision-making, policy and planning processes of the Division of Parks and Wildlife and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. The position provides support to CPW branches and regions to support agency staff in planning, developing, coordinating and implementing public engagement strategies and collaborates with Policy and Planning staff. Specific work includes planning and facilitating meetings, workshops, and focus groups involving stakeholders and the public, using virtual collaborative technologies and in-person, which requires demonstrated expertise in public engagement design and management. This position also leads collecting and analyzing public comments through surveys and comment forms, summarizing the results in reports and presentations that can be easily understood by diverse audiences. Successful candidates must have a demonstrated ability to work with diverse sets of stakeholders with divergent viewpoints, perceptions and experiences. Click here for more information.