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ISSRM 2020 Virtual Conference FAQ

ISSRM Virtual Conference 2020 FAQ

The response to our 2020 virtual conference has been fantastic and we are going to have a very exciting line-up of speakers. This is an unprecedented conference arranged with support from members across the globe in an incredibly short amount of time. In the past month we have collected a lot of common questions and answers, and would like to share those with you.

  1. Is the membership fee the same as a conference fee?

    The membership fee supports IASNR overall and entitles you to membership benefits, such as our Society and Natural Resources Journal (SNR). The IASNR council has made the 2020 ISSRM virtual conference as an additional membership benefit this year.  All members can attend the virtual conference without any additional charge.

  2. What is the presentation format for oral presenters?

    The presentation format is pre-recorded Powerpoint uploaded to YouTube prior to the conference. It is not delivered live by the presenter.

  3. How do presenters interact with participants, answer questions, and have dialogue?

    There are two main ways to interact, similar to other successful virtual conferences.

    Live Q&A in virtual sessions (moderated)

    Each presenter will be given a session timeslot for live Q&A video conferencing in a virtual room shared with other presenters of a similar topic to have real-time dialogue. Any conference participant can enter your session room at the predefined time. The expectation is that participants would have viewed the presentations of interest prior to joining in the live Q&A.

    Discussion Forum (moderated)

    Each virtual session will have an accompanying discussion message forum that all participants can access throughout the conference to have thoughtful dialogue.

  1. Why can’t I present live as if I am in a physical conference, or convert the Live Q&A into full live sessions? I have Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, Skype, BlueJeans, Canvas……

    We understand your desire to present live. Given that our members are global and are at home with simultaneous family and childcare responsibilities amongst other stressors, flexibility is an overwhelming priority.  Pre-recorded presentations allow participants full flexibility to view the presentations piece-wise at any time during the conference  (e.g. view half of a 20 minute presentation while the children are playing, and then finish it before bed), and then participate in the ongoing discussions throughout the conference period.

    We decided to do live Q&A only, as opposed to a full live session to respect the need for flexibility for our members. We respect that most members have to make special personal arrangements to have a block of time available. The Q&A format ensures that time can provide valuable dialogue and discussions directly.     

  1. What if I want more live interactions to share more?

    We encourage all participants to build relationships through all of the opportunities. We invite you to use our platforms to arrange for additional virtual gatherings on your own using technology of your choice to continue dialogue privately at your convenience.