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Executive Officer and Council Member Position Descriptions

The Executive Officers comprise three elected members – Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary – collectively responsible for general operations, financial administration, records management, communications, and implementation of Council decisions on behalf of the organization. The term of service for Executive Officers is three years. Nominees for Executive Officer positions must have been an IASNR professional member for a minimum of five years (cumulative) prior to the beginning of service as an Executive Officer. The Executive Director is eligible for only one term. The Treasurer and Secretary may serve for two terms (cumulative).

Executive Director
The Executive Director provides general oversight and leadership for the organization, with responsibilities and accountability for implementing the decisions of the Council on behalf of IASNR. The Executive Director works closely with the Treasurer, Secretary, and Council to formulate strategic directions and governance and execute day-to-day operations of the organization. S/he coordinates with standing and ad hoc Council committees, the editors and publishers of IASNR publications, the local ISSRM organizing committees, and cultivates and maintains relationships with allied organizations and professional societies to achieve the objectives of the organization. The Executive Director is expected to have a strong grasp of IASNR’s mission and lead by fostering enthusiastic and forward-looking engagement across all aspects of the organization.

The Treasurer has primary responsibility and accountability for financial management and reporting for the organization, in accordance with instructions from the Council and/or Executive Director. The duties of the Treasurer include oversight and management of financial transactions, formulation and execution of the annual operating budget, routine management and monitoring of all accounts, preparation and filing of required federal tax returns and nonprofit legal documents, chairing the Council Financial Committee, working closely with local ISSRM organizing committees, providing written financial reports to Council and membership, and recordkeeping for all IASNR financial and business-related activities. For financial logistics, the IASNR Treasurer needs to be based in the U.S.

The Secretary has primary responsibility for all IASNR communications, in accordance with instructions from the Council and/or Executive Director. The duties of the Secretary include recording minutes of all Council and General Assembly meetings, collecting and archiving committee meeting reports, maintaining the official records of IASNR, chairing the Council Communications Committee, preparing and distributing outreach materials (“Keeping In Touch”), and coordinating with the IASNR administrative office and IT service provider to manage the organization’s website, social media activities, and associated information resources.

The IASNR Council consists of nine professional members, and one student representative. The Council serves a broad role in supporting IASNR objectives to (1) foster the interdisciplinary social scientific understanding of the relationships between humans and natural resources; (2) further the application of social science information in natural resource decision-making; and (3) provide mechanisms whereby social scientists, resource managers, practitioners, agency personnel, and decision makers can generate dialogue and useful exchange of ideas. Council members are expected to actively engage in Council activities, including participation in Council meetings, service on Council committees, thoughtful and timely response to Council communications, attendance at ISSRM and any IASNR-supported activities at ISSRM, and infusion of new and innovative ideas in support of organization objectives. We especially encourage nominations of IASNR members from outside the U.S.

Council Professional Positions
The term of service for professional Council members is three years (January 2021 to December 2023). Nominees for professional Council positions must have been an IASNR professional member for a minimum of one year prior to the beginning of service on Council. The same individual may be re-elected for a second term, but no member may serve more than two terms without an interval of at least three years off Council.

Council Student Representative-Elect Position
The term of service for the Student Representative on Council is two years (June 2020 to June 2022) – serving one year as Student Representative-Elect, then transitioning the following year to serve one year as Student Representative as the primary liaison between the Council and Student Affairs Committee, for which the Student Representative and Student Representative-Elect serve as co-chairs. We strongly encourage nominees to have at least two years remaining before the completion of their graduate degree because the term encompasses a full two years. Nominees for Student Representative-Elect must have been an IASNR student member for a minimum of one year prior to the beginning of service on Council. The same individual may not be re-elected for a second term.