This project is a collaborative effort at University of Georgia (UGA) involving scientists from the Deer Laboratory in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program in the Department of Psychology. They are recruiting a Ph.D. student to study the visual system of white-tailed deer. The focus of the project is to improve understanding of the physiology of deer vision as it relates to their behavior and use of natural habitats. Research will be conducted at the Whitehall Deer Research Facility on the main campus of UGA in Athens, GA. The facility includes a 19-stall barn, a complex of deer handling systems, and fenced outdoor enclosures. A research herd of approximately 60 deer has been maintained at the facility for over 50 years. Studies at Whitehall have been integral to unlocking knowledge of deer visual and hearing capabilities, scent and vocal communications,reproduction,diseases, and techniques for chemical immobilization of deer. Click here for more information