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Instructions for Session Moderators

2021 Virtual IASNR Conference

Instructions for Session Moderators

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a session moderator for the 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference!

Each session will have a session host, whose job is to start the Zoom meeting and report any technical issues to the organizers. The host will make you the “Zoom host” once you join the session.

Please find below instructions for moderating a session. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Please be sure to join the session 10 minutes before the start of the session.

All sessions will be conducted through Zoom. You can join the session in Zoom by clicking “join in Zoom” or directly in Whova by clicking “Join in Whova.” However, joining through Zoom will yield higher quality audio.

If presenters or attendees are having audio issues, suggest that they turn off their video. This normally resolves the issue.

Remind attendees to mute their microphone when not speaking. If there’s an echo or background noise, please mute attendees as needed. To mute an attendee, click “participants” at the bottom of the screen, hover your mouse over an attendee’s name, and click “mute.” Attendees have the ability to un-mute themselves if needed.

Once presenters join, make each presenter a co-host so they can share their screen. Click “participants” at the bottom of the screen to view attendees in the session. Next, find each presenter, hover your mouse over their name, click “more,” and then select “make co-host.”

Remind presenters to stick to the 13 minute max for presentation and ensure they follow through. You can give a one minute left warning to help the presenter wrap up.

Briefly introduce each speaker by name using the presenter order in the program. If a presenter does not show up or is having tech issues for more than 2 minutes, please skip them and email [email protected].

Some presenters have opted to pre-record their presentations. We will notify you by June 16 if a presenter in your session has selected this option. If you have a pre-recorded presentation in your session, please follow the instructions below.

Before the session begins, please have any pre-recorded presentations open in an internet tab so you can easily and quickly navigate to the presentation.

To play a pre-recorded presentation click “share screen” at the bottom of the Zoom application. Next click on the window with the presentation–be sure to click “share sound” and “optimize for video clip” before clicking “share.” Once you click “share” you can begin playing the video. We recommend playing videos in “theater mode” when playing from an application such as YouTube. Please mute your microphone and other microphones of attendees to avoid an echo or feedback.

If you are using a webcam, you may want to stop sharing your video while playing a pre-recorded presentation. This will help ensure the presentation is shown in the highest possible quality.

Please note: the visual quality of the video presentation may be reduced depending on the internet speeds of attendees.

Attendees may view or re-watch pre-recorded presentations at anytime through Whova after the session.

When you are sharing your screen a condensed Zoom menu will appear. To stop sharing your screen, click “stop share.” If you need to return to the attendee list to mute a microphone, click “participants.”

Please facilitate the Q&A session after the presentations. The time for Q&A will depend on the number of speakers and the length of presentations. Most speakers will have 3-5 minutes each.

Keep an eye on the Zoom chat and Whova session chat in case attendees are posting questions there.

You can also remind attendees that they can continue discussions asynchronously after the session within the chat section for the session within Whova.

To view questions/comments in Zoom, click “chat” at the bottom of the Zoom application.

To view questions/comments in Whova, click on the session within the “agenda” tab and any questions will appear on the right side of the page.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Thank you for moderating a session!