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Joining a Session – 2022 IASNR Conference

Conference Session Instructions

Each session will have a session host, whose job is to start the Zoom meeting and report any technical issues to the organizers. The host will make you the “Zoom host” once you join the session. Additionally, each session has a moderator who will facilitate the session. Presenters will present in the order listed in the program. Moderators will also help ensure that each presenter is allowed 13 minutes maximum per presentation.

Please find below instructions for moderating a session. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Session Rooms

We have created four Zoom rooms for the conference sessions. The names of the session rooms are Aspen, Cypress, Larch, and Mahogany. You can find the name of your session room in the program under “room/location.” Please do not join a session more than 10-15 minutes before it begins. If you click the link to join a session more than 30 minutes before it starts, you will be joining an earlier session.

How to Join a Session

If you try and join a session before it officially begins, you will see a message saying “warning – the session will start…” If your session will begin in 10-15 minutes, you may select the blue button “proceed anyway.”

If you are a presenter, please be sure to join at least 5-7 minutes before the start of the session.

Joining a Session from Whova or Zoom

All sessions will be conducted through Zoom. You can join the session in Zoom by clicking “join in Zoom” or directly in Whova by clicking “Join in Whova.”

If you are having audio issues, try turning off your video–this normally resolves the issue.

Please be sure to mute your microphone when not speaking. A headset is recommended to minimize the chances of an audio echo during the session.

How to Share your Screen

Presenters will need to share their screen for their presentation. Please be sure to have your PowerPoint (or similar program) with your presentation open and ready when you join the session.

The session moderator will make you a co-host so you can share your screen. When it is your turn to present, click on the green button at the bottom of the Zoom screen that says “share screen.”

Next, you will be given a choice which program or application you wish to share. Select your presentation and then click “share.”

When you are sharing your screen a condensed Zoom menu will appear. To stop sharing your screen, click “stop share” after you finish your presentation.

Using the Session Chat in Zoom or Whova

Session attendees and presenters may use the Zoom chat or Whova chat to ask questions. The Whova chat can also be used to ask questions before or after the session.

To view questions/comments in Zoom, click “chat” at the bottom of the Zoom application.

To view questions/comments in Whova, click on the session within the “agenda” tab and any questions will appear on the right side of the page.

Whova Guides for Presenters & Participants

Whova Attendee User Guide – Link includes information on…

  • How to sign in to Whova, participate in a session.
  • View the agenda
  • Create a personalized schedule.
  • Access presentation videos.
  • Participate in session Q&As.
  • Access conference attendee list.
  • Join discussions on the community board.
  • Start or join a virtual meetup

Whova Speaker Guide – Link includes information on…

  • Presenting in a Session.
  • Responding to Q&A.
  • Checking who is attending your session.
  • Uploading Session Info (Handouts, Videos, and Others).
  • Pre-Conference preparation checklist and things to test.