The College of Natural Resources (CNR) at North Carolina State University invites applications for an M.S. or Ph.D.-level assistantship beginning in Fall 2020 (start dates negotiable). The successful applicant will work under the supervision of Dr. Lincoln Larson (Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management) and Dr. Caren Cooper (Dept. of Forestry and Environmental Resources) and to pursue a degree in Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management, Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology, or Natural Resources. The student will join our team, supported by an NSF-Advanced Informal STEM Learning (AISL) grant, investigating the potential of multi-project platforms for improving the experiences of citizen scientists. The 5year study focuses on SciStarter, the largest repository of citizen science projects in the world, and uses a variety of techniques to increase the capacity of citizen science to achieve broader goals for both science and society. The student will study citizen science as a form of recreation that provides a variety of health and wellness benefits, helping the research team examine engagement trajectories across multiple projects (e.g., shifts from online to offline or field-based participation), the factors that motivate these shifts, and the diverse benefits that volunteers derive as engagement deepens. Results will inform shared management of volunteers across a diverse array of projects and reveal ways citizen science can contribute to health and well-being. Click here for more information.