The Department of Environment and Society at Utah State University is seeking a highly qualified candidate committed to pursuing graduate research investigating the wildlife-related values, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions of both Utah residents and the state’s hunters and anglers. The successful applicant’s research will be focused on:

  1. Comparing the values, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions of both the general public and Utah’s licensed hunters and anglers;
  2. Identifying strategies that wildlife management agencies can use employ to communicate the value of wildlife in Utah while building trust in these agencies; and
  3. Explore how shifts in Utah’s population will affect wildlife management in the future.

Depending upon the student’s background, interests, and future career goals, he/she will have the opportunity to pursue a MS degree in Environment and Society, Recreation Resource Management, or Geography. The successful candidate will work under the co-advisement of Drs. Zach Miller and Jordan W. Smith. More information about the assistantship and instructions for how to apply are HERE.