The draft 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference program is now available! We have nearly 70 sessions, workshops, and other events planned. Click here to view the draft program. If you are participating in a session, please find your session and block off time in your calendar to attend. Several great student related events such as the Student Forum, Quiz Bowl, and Mentorship Activity will be added to the program soon.


If you have not yet registered, please log on to your IASNR account and click here to register.


The 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference will be hosted on the Whova app. Most sessions and events will take place live–including most oral presentations. For those who are unable to present live, a pre-recorded version of your talk can be played during the session. This allows conference participants to engage in the session without having to watch the pre-recorded presentations before the live Q&A. Following the presentations there will be a scheduled moderated live question and answer (Q&A) session where all presenters in that session can interact with other participants and discuss questions in a panel format. We will record each session (with live Q&A) for asynchronous viewing. The Whova App will also facilitate asynchronous discussion boards for each session to allow participants and presenters to continue their interaction throughout the conference.


All presenters and attendees will need access to reliable high-speed internet to participate in all the sessions, including Q&A for prerecorded talks. A headset is recommended to minimize the chances of an audio echo during the session.


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~ 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference Planning Committee