After considerable work, the IASNR Ethics Committee is proposing changes to the IASNR Code of Ethics. After significant thought and discussion, the changes have been approved by the IASNR Council, and they will be voted on by the membership after the All Members Meeting (General Assembly) during the 2022 IASNR Conference. These proposed changes are posted on the IASNR website for your review and comment between now and the meeting in June. We will consider any suggestions and offer the amended changes for the vote in June after the All Members Meeting (General Assembly).

In addition to simple copy-editing and updating the language, the changes make various parts of the Code of Ethics more consistent throughout the document, and update the section on the membership of the Ethics Committee. Also, importantly, we added a clause to the complaint process explicitly stating that the person making an ethics complaint and/or the person the complaint is about may ask for accommodations such as a translator or transcriber. This is our first step towards making the Code of Ethics and the protections it offers more accessible for all members of this international association. The Ethics Committee, the Executive Council, and the IASNR Hubs will be working together to further improve the accessibility of the Code and the processes it outlines.

Click here to view the potential changes to the IASNR Code of Ethics.

Please submit comments to Jessica Hill at [email protected] by June 1, 2022. Thank you for your consideration of these proposed changes. We look forward to your comments.


~ Carla Koons Trentelman, Chair, IASNR Ethics Committee