We are excited to see some of you in-person at the 2022 IASNR Conference in Costa Rica, June 26-29, 2022. However, we understand that some individuals cannot travel for health, funding, or environmental reasons. In light of this, we are hosting a virtual conference October 4-6, 2022. We value what each of you contribute to natural resources research and practice, and we want to provide an opportunity for everyone to share those contributions.

The 2022 Virtual Conference theme is Access & Equity. Access and equity have a range of meanings for people, practices, and livelihoods depending on scale and focus. For example, whose voices are heard more clearly – marginalized communities, women, government staff who support rural farmers, researchers who do not traditionally get to attend conferences? We invite you to share what access and equity in society and natural resources mean to you.

The 2022 Virtual IASNR Conference Organizers are Candace May (South Dakota State University, USA), Will Rifkin (University of Newcastle, Australia), and Kenneth Wallen (University of Idaho, USA).

For the virtual conference we are planning a series of organized sessions, paper sessions, a poster session, and keynote sessions. Participants will have the option to submit a pre-recorded presentation or present live. A live question and answer session will follow the presentations. Sessions will be recorded for asynchronous viewing. Discussions will continue on message forums throughout the conference. A call for organized sessions and abstracts will be sent in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, please email Jessica Hill at [email protected].

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~ The IASNR Office