Your IASNR Executive Officers and Council represent you with regard to the association. Can you help us out by nominating an individual (including yourself!) who you think would represent you well? The IASNR Council Elections Committee is currently soliciting nominations for the following IASNR leadership positions:

  • IASNR Council Professional member (3 seats)
  • IASNR Council Student Representative-Elect

Please submit your nomination(s) by Friday, January 14th.

Service on the IASNR Council affords members the opportunity to contribute substantially to current operations and future directions of the organization. IASNR strives for the organizational leadership to be “broadly representative of the membership, reflecting a balance of: (1) disciplinary orientations in the social sciences; (2) natural resource management fields; and (3) professional practice” (e.g., academic, agency, and NGO scientists; resource managers; domestic and international; mid-career and seasoned). Interested individuals must have familiarity with the organization, evidenced by a history of active involvement in conferences and/or other IASNR activities. All IASNR Council positions are unpaid voluntary positions.

Nomination Instructions:

IASNR members may submit one or more nomination for each open position (self-nominations ARE allowed). Nominations must include the following: (1) nominee’s name, title, affiliation, and contact information; and (2) a brief supporting statement (e.g., highlighting past IASNR involvement, describing relevant experience or qualifications). Nominations should be sent by email to [email protected] no later than Friday, January 14th. Please include “IASNR Election Nomination” in the email subject line.

Elections will be held in April, with notification of results prior to the 2022 IASNR Conference. Official duties for the Student Representative (a two-year term) will begin June 2022; official duties for professional Council Members (a three-year term) will begin the 1st of January 2023, following a six-month transition period as non-voting observer. Note: The ‘service year’ for IASNR Professional Council positions corresponds with the organization’s fiscal operating year, January 1st to December 31st.

~ IASNR Council Elections Committee