We had a competitive slate running for three IASNR Council positions this year. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming our new Council members Chun-Yen Chang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Sarah P. Church (Montana State University, USA), and Mysha Clarke (University of Florida, USA). Dana Johnson (University of Illinois, USA) was elected by the student members to serve as the new Student Representative-Elect.

We also want to thank Jeffrey Jacquet (Ohio State University, USA), Rose Keller (Norwegian Institute for Northern Research, Norway), Allie McCreary (Western Kentucky University, USA), Milton G. Newberry, III (Bucknell University, USA), Jessica Ulrich-Schad (Utah State University, USA), Jill Weiss (State University of New York System, USA), Richelle Winkler (Michigan Technological University, USA), Christopher Wynveen (Baylor University, USA) and Brooke McWherter (Purdue University, USA) for accepting the nomination although they were not elected this year. Thanks for your willingness to serve IASNR and for participating in the election.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Council Members Jens Emborg, Azahara Mesa-Jurado, and Chloe Wardropper, along with Student Representative Susan (Susie) Sidder. They have made significant contributions to IASNR as individual members and on Council. We have been fortunate to have their leadership skills at the helm of IASNR.

We look forward to introducing them and others on the IASNR Council at the All Members Meeting during the virtual IASNR Conference, June 20-24, 2021



~ 2021 Bill Stewart, Executive Director and the IASNR Elections Committee