IASNR Commitment to Ethics & Diversity

Dear members of IASNR,

We are reaching out to our IASNR community across the world during these uncertain times to reiterate our commitment to core organizational values of inclusiveness and the promotion of diversity.

Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor have become the latest victims of violence that is both historically rooted and currently perpetuated by structural racism in the United States. Protests against racism in general and excessive police force in particular have spread internationally, making it appropriate for IASNR to add its voice to the chorus condemning institutionalized racism in all its forms.

We want to draw your attention to our diversity statement for all IASNR activities which emphasizes our focus on local to global resource management issues, environmental justice, collaborative stakeholder processes, and the social impacts of natural resource management. As members of IASNR who care deeply about society and natural resources, we have an obligation to continue to promote an inclusive and equitable environment for all IASNR scholars, practitioners and students. We also need to renew and strengthen our commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in our field of society and natural resources, combat systemic and structural racism, and promote a culture of equality for all, through our research, education, management, and outreach efforts.

IASNR is an international organization and some might correctly argue that well-publicized deaths in the US are no more tragic than those of publicly unnamed Rohingya or Yemini or Kurds. We acknowledge that and condemn racially-and ethnically-motivated violence in all its manifestations around the world. We stand in solidarity with all of you in IASNR and beyond as we work together toward a better future.


Steve Daniels
Executive Director

Courtney Flint

Zhao Ma