We are writing to send some IASNR leadership news! First, we are sad to say that Kathy Halvorsen has recently stepped down from being IASNR Executive Director. Kathy sent a heart-felt message to the IASNR Council indicating her decision “IASNR faces difficult decisions during this challenging time for organizations like ours. Navigating those decisions requires strong, cohesive leadership. As a result, I recently chose to resign my position as Executive Director. Steve Daniels, one of our IASNR Professional Council members, has graciously agreed to step in as Executive Director for the remainder of the current Executive Director term which ends December 31st, 2020. The Executive Director elected in the current 2020 election will step in January 1st, 2021 as normal. I have enjoyed working over the past years to help IASNR meet your needs as members – you are an amazing, talented international group. Thank you for this privilege. I am confident that, with Steve’s help, the current IASNR Council will effectively lead your organization through the current challenges toward a bright future.” Thanks again, Kathy, for your leadership and service in the past few years. We have achieved a lot and the organization is in a really good place because of your leadership.

Second, it is our great pleasure to announce that Steve Daniels from Utah State University has been elected to serve as the IASNR Executive Director from now to December 31, 2020. Steve shared his first message in this new role below:

“First, I want to thank Kathy for her years of service as Executive Director. These are indeed challenging and unprecedented times, and we all must figure out which obligations we can bear with the confidence that we are not undermining our other responsibilities or endangering our personal/family welfare. I was elected to serve as interim Executive Director by vote of the Council, consistent with the process laid out in the IASNR By-laws, and am honored to serve as part of the leadership team for IASNR until the duly-elected Executive Director assumes the role on January 1, 2021. In my role on Council I was on the Finance Committee and from that vantage point I see nothing that causes me to fear for the vibrant future of our organization. We will regroup from the necessary (and prudent) decision to cancel the 2020 meeting in Cairns with new ways to serve the membership and I look forward to seeing you in Portland in 2021.”

And, drum roll please… We have our 2020 election results back!!! Please join us congratulate and welcome Bill Stewart (University of Illinois, USA) as the IASNR Executive Director, Becky Schewe (Syracuse University, USA) as the IASNR Treasurer, and Lee Cerveny (USDA Forest Service, USA) and the IASNR Secretary, starting January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023. We also elected 3 new Council members and they are Jesse Abrams (University of Georgia, USA), Tasos Hovardas (University of Cypress, Cypress), and Kate Sherren (Dalhousie University, Canada). Kindra J. De’Arman (University of Oregon, USA) was elected by the student members to serve as the new Student Representative-Elect.

We especially want to thank Candace May (South Dakota State University, USA), Allie McCreary (Western Kentucky University, USA). Shawn Olson Hazboun (The Evergreen State College, USA), and Dana Johnson (University of Illinois, USA) for accepting the election nomination although they were not elected this year. Thank you everyone for your willingness to serve our great organization and thank you everyone for participating in the election.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Council members: Steve Daniels, Rich Stedman, Carena van Riper, and Brett Alan Miller. They have all made significant contributions to IASNR as individual members and on Council. We as an organization owe them each a debt of gratitude.

We look forward to working with Steve, Courtney, and Zhao and the current Council in the next eight months and we greatly look forward to work with Bill, Becky and Lee and the new Council starting January 2021.

Thank you for your continued support and active participation!



~ IASNR Elections Committee