What a pleasure it was to see many of you at the 2021 IASNR Conference last month! We hope that many of you were able to attend the Student Forum, Quiz Bowl, and/or Happy Hour events put on by IASNR’s Student Affairs Committee (SAC).


Your IASNR Council Representatives invite you to join the SAC Slack channel. This channel is available to all IASNR Student Members and can be a useful site to connect, share ideas and concerns, and help inform the SAC. Click here to access the SAC Slack Channel. 


The SAC is an official subcommittee of the IASNR Council co-chaired by the Student Representative and Student Representative-Elect, which are positions elected by IASNR membership. This subcommittee is in charge of engaging IASNR student members, planning student events, and collaborating on student needs within the association. Currently, the SAC has nine active members, and we hope to continue growing this group over the coming year. We meet bimonthly and schedule each meeting to best accommodate the variety of time zones of those interested in attending. All IASNR student members are welcome to join!


If you would like to stay informed about ongoing IASNR student matters or are interested in participating in Student Affairs Committee meetings, please reply to this email with your name, preferred email address, and academic institution by August 6th and we will make sure you receive future IASNR SAC communication. IASNR student members are also welcome on other IASNR committees. If you are interested in joining another IASNR committee, please reach out to Jessica Hill at [email protected].


If you have any questions about the SAC or IASNR, do not hesitate to reach out! Please email Kindra De’Arman [email protected] (Student Representative) and Dana Johnson [email protected] (Student Representative-Elect), and we will work to respond to you as soon as we can!


Thanks for your time and stay well!


Kindra and Dana

IASNR Student Representative and Representative-Elect