IASNR is excited to announce a series of webinars from the 2021 Virtual Conference. These next three webinars were highlighted by conference participants and IASNR Professional Development Committee members and will be available for all members on the IASNR website. The first webinar in this series is “Building Global Networks for Natural Resource Social Sciences” and was organized by Kenneth Wallen (University of Idaho). Over the past 10-years, several independent initiatives have built global or fit-to-purpose networks of natural resource social scientists and practitioners. These include an Interagency Federal Collaborative, Social Science Extreme Events Research Network, Environmental Social Science Network, Marine Social Science Network, and the Conservation Social Science Community Network. These five network initiatives participated in this panel session to show current efforts to build global networks for natural resource social science.

This recording adds to the growing archive of IASNR professional development resources which are only available to members. You will need to be a current 2021 IASNR member to access these resources. Click here to learn more about membership. Please contact [email protected] if you are a prospective member without institutional support and are experiencing financial hardship.

The Professional Development Committee is keen to expand the webinar series, so if you have a suggestion for a future topic or would like to contribute to the series, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

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