A big thank you to all who participated in the official vote regarding changing the name of our flagship conference—the International Symposium for Society and Resource Management (ISSRM).

If you missed this voting event, here is a bit background: after many long and serious discussions, the IASNR Council recommended changing the name of our annual meeting to create a tighter organizational identity and to reduce confusion across the names of our conference (ISSRM), our association (IASNR), and our journal (Society & Natural Resources). An all-member vote was open from July 30 to August 7, 2020 electronically via SurveyMonkey. The results have come back: A total of 200 members voted with 171 supporting the proposed change, 18 against it, and 11 abstaining. Thus, our annual conference will be renamed to the International Association for Society and Natural Resources Conference (IASNR Conference).This change will be made in a transitional process over the next couple of years with reference to both names being used for clarity and name recognition.

A little history might be helpful here. The first ISSRM took place in Corvalis, Oregon in 1986, organized by Don Field. The SNR journal was launched in 1988 by founding co-editors Don Field and Rabel Burdge. The IASNR organization was established in 2001, with Don Field serving as the association’s first Executive Director. Moving forward after this vote, the organization, the journal, and now the conference as well will all be aligned with the Society and Natural Resource theme. We have a long history of fantastic gatherings of researchers, professionals, and students and we look forward to many more wonderful conference gatherings together!

Thank you all for participating in the decision-making of our organization.

Please email Jessica Hill ([email protected]) if you have any questions.


Take care!


~ Steve Daniels, Courtney Flint and Zhao Ma

IASNR Executive Officers