Reminder: We Want to Hear from You: Survey on Possible ISSRM Conference Name Change

One issue that has been raised by some IASNR members is that the connections among our journal (Society & Natural Resources), our annual conference (the International Symposium on Society & Resource Management or ISSRM) and the Association (the International Association of Society & Natural Resources or IASNR) may not be clear to those outside of IASNR. We have taken initial steps to draw clearer connections between the journal and association by including IASNR on the inner cover of Society & Natural Resources. An additional proposal is to change the name of the conference (currently ISSRM) to have a more consistent brand. Therefore, we are soliciting your opinion on potential ISSRM name changes for the purposes of information gathering.

The IASNR Council will use the results from this survey to make a recommendation to the IASNR membership at ISSRM 2020 about whether to change the name of the ISSRM conference and to what it should change. If IASNR Council votes to put a conference name change to the membership, then you will have a chance to vote on it at the ISSRM 2020 All Members meeting.

Please complete the survey by December 13th–check your email for the survey link. Contact Jessica Hill ([email protected]) with any related questions or problems, as necessary.

Thank you for your time completing this survey. Your opinion is very valuable to us.

Best regards,

IASNR Council