The University Press of Colorado distributes titles previously published by the IASNR’s Society & Natural Resources Press (formerly Social Ecology Press). For a limited time (expires 8/31/20), get 50% off all books from the Society & Natural Resources Press! Visit, fill your shopping cart and use promo code ISSRM20 at checkout! Click here to learn more about Society & Natural Resources Press. Please find below a general call for book proposals.

Society & Natural Resources Book Series

Society and Natural Resources Book Series includes books that examine the complexity of interrelationships among human societies, biophysical and built environments and natural resources. We are especially interested in works that engage emergent issues and inform transformations between society and natural resources toward greater social and environmental justice, health and sustainability/resilience. The series does not privilege any particular research method,theory or discipline; it seeks submissions that build from any (or combinations) of the environmental/natural resource social sciences. Works that contribute to our understandings and actions on how global processes intersect with localities, in the South, North or through comparative case studies are encouraged. We are particularly interested in publishing new books on the following topics:

  • climate justice
  • environmental policy and governance
  • natural resource utilization, management and decision-making
  • social and cultural change as it relates to environmental change
  • sustainability/resilience transitions
  • social-ecological systems dynamics
  • practice-informed resource management
  • institutional innovations
  • political economy/ecology perspectives on natural resource change and conflict

For further information or to inquire about submission of a book proposal, please contact:

Rachael Levay, Acquisitions Editor
University Press of Colorado & Utah State University Press
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: direct (720) 406-8849, ext. 807
toll-free (855) 777-6113, ext. 807