Interdisciplinary Social Scientist/Physical Scientist, ZP-0101/1301-3/4

This position is located in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), Climate Program Office (CPO) with one vacancy in Silver Spring, MD.


As a Social Scientist or Physical Scientist, you will perform the following duties:

Collaborate on interdisciplinary coastal and inland climate research design and implementation for adaptation and improved societal outcomes. Work with climate, water, ecosystems, and societal research communities, including line office partners, on sustainable coastlines and inland communities in a changing climate. Lead efforts with stakeholders and practitioners working with scientists to highlight climate risks in coastal and in-land regions. Advance and communicate co-benefits of adaptation strategies. Provide program planning and evaluation on the use of climate adaptation information in decision- making.

Lead meetings to further awareness of research findings important for individual and community wellbeing. Build communities of practice around joint interests, shared lessons, engagement and implementation approaches. Represent climate adaptation research, applications and social outcomes in working groups on coastal and inland adaptation, resilience planning and natural infrastructure, and nature-based investments.

Establish interdisciplinary organizational and community partnerships and grants management. Serve as technical expert to promote transfer of knowledge and products from research to decision making in coastal and in-land regions, water resources and ecosystems management, including evaluation. Collaborate with interdisciplinary research community of practices focused on resilience-building strategies in partnership with key constituencies. Manage/co-manage a Federal competitive grants research and partnership program and co-develop spending plan.

Develop stakeholder and community-based communications to support outreach activities. Draft/author reports, articles and publications important to articulating new knowledge applied to social and environmental challenges. Innovate new methods for modernizing communication, information sharing, and literacy on climate resilience.