Rabel J. Burdge & Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award – SNR Journal

Rabel J. Burdge & Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award – SNR Journal

Society & Natural Resources publishes a call every Spring for nominations for the Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award, for best general research article published in each volume of the journal. The award recipient receives a US $500 cash prize,* sponsored by the journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, and is recognized at the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) in June each year; and through the journal and related websites.

Past Paper Award Recipients:

Claudia Baldwin
Claudia Baldwin
Graham Marshall

Graham Marshall

Helen Ross (1)

Helen Ross

Jim Cavale

Jim Cavaye

Janet Stephenson on beach cropped (1)

Janet Stephenson

Lyn Carter 2.JPG

Lyn Carter

claire Freeman

Claire Freeman

Acurtis photo (1)

Allan Curtis


Geoff Syme

Mylek Melinda_Headshot
Melinda R. Mylek
Jacki Schirmea

Jacki Schirmer

Kimberly Coleman
Marc J. Stern
Frederick I. Lauer
Alexander L. Metcalf
Elizabeth C. Metcalf
Jakki J. Mohr
Hannah E. Clarke
Brian Mayer

Another article published in Society & Natural Resources in Volume 30(4) (2017) was designated as an Award Finalist: “Standing Up for Inherent Rights: The Role of Indigenous Led Activism in Protecting Sacred Waters and Ways of Life” by Emma S. Norman.

SNR Volume 29 (2016)

Heather O'Leary

Heather O’Leary. 2016. “Between stagnancy and affluence: reinterpreting water poverty and domestic flows in Delhi, India,Society & Natural Resources 28(9).

Peter Cronkleton
Anne Larson