The Blue Economy involves coupling the economic and environment sustainability of our ocean and coastal zone settings worldwide. Although defined slightly differently across the world, the Blue Economy can be defined as sustainable productive, service, and all other related activities using and protecting coastal and marine resources’ sustainable development that meets Goal 14 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development strategy. In this Special Issue, we seek to understand and report on ocean and coastal zone human uses and economic interactions. This includes both the ways in which humans benefit from the marine environment via ecosystem services and the pressures on ocean and coastal environments from human use both in the water (e.g., marine transportation and fishing) and on land (e.g., agriculture and development). Human actions, whether we are receiving benefits from the environment or engaged in behavior that influences environmental quality, impact the value of the Blue Economy. By focusing on both the lives and livelihoods of people who may be providing or being provided benefits from the environment, particularly important in the post-COVID-19 reality, this Special Edition will provide an array of research related to the Blue Economy. Click here for more information.