A postdoctoral research opportunity in social science is available with US Forest Service (USFS), Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW) in Seattle, Washington. The USDA Forest Service is an agency of roughly 30,000 employees that engages a broad spectrum of stakeholders holding diverse perspectives and values around the stewardship of the nation’s forest and grasslands resources. The agency itself has an evolved culture rooted in values that have not only facilitated, but also have in part defined how the agency has fulfilled its mission over its century long existence. The influences of agency culture are manifest in many aspects of the workplace environment having impacts on employee safety, sense of value and resilience to challenging tasks or changing expectations or conditions. Decadal trends suggest that the employee satisfaction within the agency is low relative to agencies government wide – particularly around values supporting work-life balance. More recent public disclosures of incidents of egregious sexual harassment and workplace bullying have sharpened the focus on the role of multiple evolved cultures that potentially contribute to these employee behaviors and experiences. Click here for more information.